Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Next Destination?

Reading about all those cool races that the folks Stateside are doing makes me a little homesick. I wish I could get out to the States to run with you guys. Ho hum. I fear, however, that given my present career change and consequent economic situation (which I am confident is TEMPORARY), I may not be able to partake in any destination marathoning anytime soon.

All this should make Minken feel better, though! Perhaps by the time he escapes from Nigeria we will be able to line up a race where the whole gang can come. When will it be, Minky? Just name a city. We'll work it out.

Until then, Laura and I will just try to keep up with each other. I will do my best best best to run a halfie this weekend and send all of my good vibes to the Hangover Halfies on Friday.

I'm going to comb over your race schedule, Laura, and see what races around here I can schedule in so that we can keep running together with a somewhat common goal...

I know I've been bellyaching about living abroad today, but here's one good thing about it.

THANKSGIVING ON DECEMBER 30. I'm having a party tonight. I got a little turkey, making some stuffing, mashed taters, and there we go! Ok, paper plates are not elegantissimo, but who cares. No Thanksgiving purists here!!!   If Sweetie gets back here with my celery, I'll finish things up and go out for my Turkey Trot!


  1. Gobble Gobble Gobble. I want pictures of the hand turkeys!

  2. Should I have left Comb over as one word??

  3. hmmmm...London is very high on my list. I would have done it this year but I decided to finally strike Boston off the list instead.

    Stateside I also want to give Chicago the biz-nez.

    Internationally, behind London, I am keen to do something in South Africa...