Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm a skort girl - and not ashamed to flaunt it!

I know that it looks like I'm ready to play tennis when I hit the asphalt, but truth be told, I can't even swing a racket! I've endured hours of heckling from some work buddies when I've emerged from the lockerroom headed for the workout room decked out in my running skort. (all in good fun, I'm sure) Truth is - they are awesome to run in. I'm always looking for fun and exciting skorts (not that I ever buy them, of course. I'm a die-hard BLACK skort wearer.) BUT I envision a day when I will break from my black-skort-mold and wear a pair of these - WOW!!!!  or even these - BAM!!!   LOVE LOVE LOVE 'em. (thanks, RunningLaur for helping me find this awesome site.)

There may come a day when I even decide that this look is one I can support - not any time soon, but I like the thought! I don't know if I'd be taken seriously as a runner if I showed up to a race in one but then again, I deal with that in my skort.

Happy Holidays! Get out there and RUN, you know I will.

(on that note, I am planning to run with a few friends this week - trying to get a head start on that anticipated holiday-food-coma-anti-exercise-mood.)

Russ - can't wait to see you hit 1,000 miles for the year!
Amy and Jenn - let's hit the pavement this week (sooner than later)
Everyone else - let's do the virtual mile challenge on the first day of winter (monday) Sign up here.


  1. Yes, we will be hitting the pavement. I know Amy is looking forward to it.

  2. as you know i am a big fan of the skort. i sometimes find them 'inspirational'...

  3. I get and like the running skirt, but I don't get the dress. Unless it's some sort of costume, I'm not going there.

    Good luck with your mile!!

  4. Ah, I see you've met RunningLaur. Isn't she darling? And I can't see those skirts right now because the site is down *booo* but I'm sure they're va-va-voom. Skorts are awesome and they definitely bring all the boys to your yard *wink*