Sunday, December 27, 2009

Training has Begun...zzzzz!

Training has officially begun... with a rest day (yup, this is my kind of plan!!) I calculated wrong, I guess. I imagined that training would start on the Sunday that marks 18 weeks until the big day. Of course, I didn't actually consult the plan before deciding this. I just used a regular calendar. Whoops!

Today was supposed to be Day One, and a nice LONG run, so ran it yesterday (just call me over-achiever!). I did this because I already had a plan to run with some friends (and their kids, who, SMOKED us adults, by the way!). I tacked on a couple of miles at the end to come up with a decent 7.7 miler. SURELY enough for a long, especially on WEEK ONE of the 18 WEEK PLAN! But that all depends on what plan you use, apparently.

My brilliant idea was to use the easiest plan possible with the most running days (as in shorter runs more often and a long on the weekend, rather than 3 longer runs) and three 20-milers, which I think are the best preparation for the full marathon distance.

This plan looks like the answer to my prayers. It is also the one I based my training on for Paris. I always go back to Hot Hal... he works for me. The first long is 10 miles, though. Crap.

Oh well. At least I get a week to get mentally prepared for it. Ugh.

I'm happy though. It's nice to have something to look forward to. And training rocks.

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