Thursday, December 30, 2010

Halfie in May, you say!

I upped my mileage today by a full half mile. So far to go before I can even think about going a half marathon, but, I think May is a good goal. Last year this time, I was in Albany, NY preparing to run a half with my father-in-law and my friend, Mary Karen. That half marathon was wonderful for me - I served as motivational speaker for everyone around I then ran the Williamsburg Half with Francine ...that was another great half marathon! Any excuse to go to Virginia to meet up with our friends. After that, I ran the Rochester Flower City half with my fellow local running freaks, Jenn, Russ, Judi, Melissa, Derrek, Curt, Sean, ... last, I made good on my word to a college friend, Rob, and ran the Buffalo half with him and his wife. I suppose it should be a good year, right? 4 half marathons? The year prior, I Ran two full marathons - all amounts to the same.

Sidelined since June has not been all that bad, I've actually enjoyed the rest BUT, I am ready for another half in May...or two. Here's what I think: Flower City Half on May 1st with all my locals; possibly Cleveland half on the 15th with some college crazies...then down to Utica again to run the Boilermaker in July with anyone in the area who wants to join me for one of the most amazing times one can have during a race.

Oh yeah, I had a fun time on my run. I really wish I had my camera, it was a day for running!



  1. I'm in for the half on May 1st and the Boilermaker!

  2. I'm in for both, too! Now if my PF will let me...

  3. Oh how I love my cult members!

  4. I'm way behind on my blog reading! Too much damn running training for Disney. After a week of absolutely no exercise what-so-ever, I'm reading blogs and here to say "Okay, this local Laura-cult-member is in for the Flower City Half!"

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