Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Go Judi and Russ!

Loved reading about the Disney challenge and can't wait for the FULL race report. I'm trying to imagine the shock of running in hot weather after all that cold training!! You guys are awesome! I too wish I could have run those last few with you today, although all that snow doesn't sound too appealing.

I am having a hard time getting out there but am totally craving it, so today on a rare walk with the dog (usually I'm with the baby and Sweetie is on Luna duty) I ran and walked. I looked silly with my jeans kind of falling down and I was hiking them up every few steps,and  my silly wool hat and street shoes didn't make me look much like a runner, but hey, I'm a runner inside and this was better than nothing and Luna was PSYCHED!

So, like work, I'm doing what I can and as Baby gets bigger and more independent (want that/dread that!!) I will be able to do more.

Laura, how about a halfie sometime in May? That would have us start training (back at zero, novice program, I'm afraid) in January. The Bavisela in Trieste is the first weekend in May. A couple weeks before that there's another half that I use as a practice in Slovenia. Sweetie and I are planning to make running appointments on a calendar so that we can both get our training in.

Think about it.
Also, the rest of you, our virtual training club, What do you think? You up for a halfie in May?

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