Tuesday, December 21, 2010

That used to be me

Not that long ago, I was consumed with blogging, Twitter, facebook, running, and everything that tied them all together. The everything that tied them together was the running that I did, and the encouraging of others to run. Well, for the past 6 months, I have been sidelined by a nagging Achilles tendon injury. I say sidelined quite loosely, as I will admit that I enjoyed the break. I will admit that now, but I won't scream it from the mountaintops. For the most part, I have not missed the running and the sweating, and the endless piles of sweaty laundry. But, enough is enough. I've gained weight, I've become self conscious of my weight again....and so, I return (happily) to running. I am happy to be out there...I am happier running in the cold weather than the heat, so I feel that I have timed my comeback perfectly.

So, I'm back on Twitter, I'm back blogging, back on dailymile, back at it!!! Back running....that used to be me, I think I miss her! I am running my measly 2 milers -ever cautious of that Achilles, but I can feel the urge to "up" those miles...I see a halfie in my near future.


  1. you go girl! HOw do you find the time???
    Kristi S.

  2. I am hoping to make a come back to running some time next year. I'm injured and can only cross train. In the mean time I will start with blogging again since you're back in the game :) It's great to have you [and Kari] back :)

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