Monday, December 27, 2010

Disney Marathon would be nice

I'm certainly a cold weather runner. I love it. Today was a balmy 20 degrees. The east coast was getting slammed with 20 inches of snow, we were facing gale-force winds, and I caved....couldn't do it. I just couldn't.

My friends Judi and Russ did, though. When I read that they were scheduled to run 24 miles today, I hurt for them. I considered heading to Lima to run the last few with them but, as I said, I caved. You see, Russ and Judi are scheduled to run the Disney Marathon in a little over a week. I talked Russ into running his first marathon last year and he signed a pact with Judi to run Disney with her...her first marathon. I am so proud of them for sticking to their training schedule today, of all days, because it was COLD!!!!! As I read Judi's run report today, I chuckled at her comment that her water in her water bottle froze. I know what it is like to feel an obligation to get out there and run. When Kari and I received so many generous donations for Rotary during our training, there was a certain sense of higher obligation. Russ and Judi must feel the same, as they have done an exceptional job raising funds in memory of Judi's brother, Jim, who died several years ago of cancer. I believe that they are only a few dollars short of their goal!!!

So....good luck Judi and Russ!!!

As I said before, I love running in the cold, but I have to admit that Disney wouldn't be bad after a day like today.

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