Friday, September 26, 2008

Just Say YES

Rotary taught us a valuable lesson during the orientation sessions before leaving for our year abroad: say YES to everything. No one did this better than Laura, which is why we’re in so many pictures together from that period--you could convince her to do ANYTHING! (see photo) So it was no surprise that when I decided I wanted to run my first marathon and I wanted to do it in Paris, Laura would agree to do it, too.

“What a great excuse for a reunion!” I said. “Can you imagine running down the middle of the Champs-Elysée with no cars?!” “When’s your Spring Break again?”

I was expecting a simple yes and a trip to Paris. I had no idea what she would be getting me into, however. A blog? A fund-raiser for charity?!

But I learned my lesson, too: “ Yes.”

We are going to train like crazy. We are going to raise money to give to Rotary’s main cause. We are going to run a marathon.

My hope is that through this gesture we can communicate a little something of our appreciation for what Rotary gave us and helped us become over the last eighteen years.

Let the training begin.

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  1. Let me just say for the record, Kari came up with the blog idea. I came up with the fundraising idea. AND, she's just as much a YES girl as I am. As I said, I wanted to do the half marathon - she said HELL NO, we're going the whole way.