Monday, September 29, 2008

I Love Paris in the Springtime!

Ok, Laura, we have 27 weeks to go (did I count right?). You're using Uncle Hal's Spring Training program (No fall training program?! Ha ha. We can joke about this stuff, right?) and you're on week 3 (can you post the link or is this in the book?). Build on your long runs exactly like he says and you won't get any nasty injuries. If you start to feel any pain at all, check the bottoms of your shoes and get new ones if they're wearing down—it’s cheaper than going to a physical therapist (that’s what my physical therapist friend says). I am also following Uncle Hal's plan, but I'm going for the Advanced I 18-week schedule, which incorporates more mileage and speed work. Since we’re starting early, I can also repeat weeks to bring me up to the BIG DAY.

Here's what I've got cookin' for this week:
Today: 3 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: hill work (3 times)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 10 miles (Did I mention that this is WEEK ONE of this program? Dayum!)

The tough part about training this week is that I'm working in Milan from Wednesday-Friday. That means waking up really early on Wednesday and driving there (5 hours) among other excellent reasons to feel sorry for me. Bah! Luckily I'm staying with friends who run, though: Francesca and Giuseppe (Francesca ran her first half marathon in Trieste in May with Giuseppe, my husband Cristian, and me), so at least I’ll have some company.
Did I tell you I’m reading about Warren Buffett (if I can train for a marathon, can’t I also train to be the richest person in the world?) He says treat your company as if you were the owner. Don’t waste money if you don’t have to, act like it’s coming out of your own pocket. So that’s why I say I’m staying with friends instead of in a hotel, but really, I’m doing it for selfish reasons: my mental health (they’re fun to hang out with and they like good wine) and to stay with the program. The more people who know what you’re up to, the more responsible you have to be for your actions. Let’s hope week one works.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Laura, and anyone else thinking about joining us in Paris (may you come in droves)... there is some kind of medical permission slip you have to provide to be able to do this thing. In Italy in order to do even a half marathon you have to go to a special sports doctor, get hooked up to machines, climb up stairs, breath into tubes, etc. You may be able to give a self-certification document saying that you accept responsibility if you keel over (you won’t, Laura, but I will catch you if you do). I’ll check the form, but wanted to give you a heads up anyway...


  1. Re-reading this makes it sound like I'm running for a fast time rather than a fun time. It's not true! I'm slow as molasses, I'm not kidding! And fun? I'm all about fun!!!

  2. How does wine factor into Uncle Hal's program? Is it to DULL the freakin' pain in your thighs after running 10 miles?

    I promise to support you in this endeavor by thinking of you two EVERY TIME I TAKE A DRINK.

  3. I wonder what HOT Hal, as I like to think of him as, thinks about wine. I'm all for getting through the wall any way I can.

    AND, Sue, maybe we should rename the tagline "you keep reading and drinking, we'll keep running and drinking" (something to consider, right?) You know, the early years of the tour de france claimed to have been a smoking, drinking marathon! Something about the increased lung capacity and its correlation to smoking and drinking. Hmmmm...

  4. HAHAHA! I doubt the smoking will help you get fit, but I think the drinking will help dull the pain.

    Oh, the pain! I can barely walk the day after a soccer game. You'd have to life flight me home to the States after a marathon.