Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a Pain!

I went for my 5-miler yesterday (and realized today that I only had to go 3, doh!) after work and almost immediately had a pain in my butt: this made me think of Laura. No, no, not because she’s a pain in the butt (although you can disagree with me here...) but because I had just given that amazing piece of advice about checking your shoes when you feel pain. I plugged on anyway (it didn’t hurt that bad, just enough for me to whine to you about it) and momentarily forgot about it while trying to make myself look big and scary by flailing my arms when cars came toward me so I wouldn’t get run over (I suggest, as an alternative, wearing light colors or something reflective.). The run went fine. I felt kind of fast (I wasn’t). Then this morning I got up early and took my number one training partner, Luna, for a 5-miler (that turned out to be 3. Go figure. I guess this means I’m back on schedule...). We went nice and slow, giving her time to sniff around when she needed to (that’s a euphemism). Then I got home and (finally) checked my shoes. And you know what? It’s time for a new pair (see photo of worn-down shoes and Luna agreeing with me)...


  1. Luna's face says it all.

    She is very disappointed with you and your bum shoes.

  2. Everyone needs a Luna.....maybe I'll get a training partner.