Saturday, September 27, 2008

This is so much fun

I never thought that training for a marathon would be so much fun. I actually have people saying that they want to go with us. There are even a few who are toying with the idea of running with us - the more the merrier, right? So I looked up prices for tickets, room rates, traveling logistics, etc... I decided to put all of that off because it isn't nearly as fun as blogging and running. (It costs an awful lot more money, too.)

So as I went about my daily activities today, my car found it's way to Border's bookstore. I was drawn to a book: Hal Higdon's Marathon -The Ultimate Training Guide (advice, plans, and programs for your 1st marathon.) Karoline recommended Hal to me (in my mind, I call him HOT HAL - he's much older than you would expect. Kind of reminds me of my grandfather who died 17 years ago. He was the kind of man that had the energy of a 4 year old.) So, in addition to a running log, I purchased this book and am already reading it. So far, the loud message that I am choosing to listen to is "run the first marathon to have a good time rather than to run a fast time." WE CAN DO THAT - right Kari?

My goal this week was to stick to the plan, run every mile that I was supposed to, and focus on Paris in the spring. I felt great for all four runs this week. I even had a great strength workout in the weight room. It is funny how my mind is already picturing the Eiffel Tower.

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