Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was running so fast I blew a fuse

So, my dear Karoline, you must always check your shoes. My running shoes are due to be replaced, but not for a few more weeks. I hate buying new running shoes. Anyway - Kudos to you for getting the word out about Polio Plus the the Italian Rotary club. (as you see, I am now getting the word out to all three of our followers about Polio Plus...eh hem.) I have to dust off my french and send off something to my club in Liege. It is addicting to feel like there is more than just selfish reasons for running a marathon. (are there selfish reasons? Maybe just crazy reasons, but I don't care.) So, Rotary International has been calling me all day and I just haven't been able tear myself away from the lessons that I am teaching my students (Missouri Compromise, Fugitive Slave Laws, .....riveting material, really) to take their phone calls. When the game of phone tag is up, I will find out how we need to go about collecting funds for the cause.

So - now to my post title. I was running this afternoon on the treadmill - not something that I LOVE to do, but I will do it if the weather requires. So, Chrissy (my number one training partner who IS NOT A CANINE) and I were on dueling treadmills. I decided to push the speed a bit and WHAM blew the fuse in the training room. In the meantime, the force of a blown fuse on a treadmill and its inhabitant (namely ME) forces one to nearly topple head over heels over the front control panel. Message? don't go over 8mph on the treadmill. LESSON LEARNED.

The road to Paris may sometimes be paved with worn out sneakers and broken treadmills.

Tomorrow, I will run outside and stick to free weights in the training room

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