Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buy Jewelry and 30% Goes to PolioPlus!!!!!

I am on a fundraising roll this week ($1,351.00). We have a lot of work to do in order to meet our $20,000 goal, but the ribbon is cut and we are off and running (of course, I could have said ROLLING, but that wouldn't fit quite as well, now would it?) So, there are a few things that I have in progress in the United States, that may appeal to some of your GENEROUS sides.

For starters, a fellow ex-exchangee, Kristi Klinke Spies, has offered to host a Cookie Lee Jewelry party and donate all proceeds to PolioPlus. We have decided to begin that fundraiser as soon as possible so that orders can be placed in time for Christmas. Kristi is sending catalogs off to me as we speak and I will be visiting my friends here in the Greater Rochester area to place orders by December 5th. Kristi is also updating her website so that people living in other areas of the country can purchase some jewelry for the benefit of PolioPlus. I would like to ask anyone with friends in the United States to contact them and ask them to place an order with Kristi to benefit this charity. If orders are in Kari's hands by December 10th, either through me or Kristi directly, your jewelry will be in your hands for Christmas.

In addition, I have another friend who is a StampinUp representative who is willing to host a party to benefit the charity as well. StampinUp appeals to the crafty/scrap booking/card making friends. It is a lot of fun...I will even admit that. In any case, I look forward to that fundraiser after Christmas so that people can get Valentines' Day cards made.


I AM WRITING THS SMALLER, BECAUSE IT ISN'T AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT I ALREADY POSTED, BUT I CAN'T ALWAYS KEEP MY POSTS SHORT, SO.....On a HEALTH note, I had another appointment with my physical trainer today and everything seems to be healing up well. The achilles is feeling great with the introduction of GEL HEEL CUPS (thank you Sue!)

I want to tell you all about my new gadget (nike sensor + ipod touch) BUT I still need to fiddle with it a bit before I go on and on about how cool it is. KEEP YOUR EYES POSTED FOR THAT NEXT BLOG.

And , YES, I am making my shopping list for Kraut and Bean JOTA! (that deserves to be bigger than everything) Pictures to keep reading, we'll keep running and raising money.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you are healing.

    I may not know music, but I do know Gel me! With a herd of soccer playing kids in my charge year-round, it's a given that someone will have a deep bone bruise on their heel and need a visit from the gel cup fairy!

  2. GREAT NEWS - I have just heard from Kristi. She has seen many, many hits on her website in the past twenty-four hours. Hopefully the buzz is from our efforts to run and raise!!! Many people at work are asking to see catalogs - just in time for the holidays. Kari- so right, it is contagious, this fundraising thing. I love it.

  3. Laura, what's the power song on your nike pod??