Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sorry, Gym, for Talking Smack.

So I changed my mind about gyms. They're not so bad. The one in Racine that I went to yesterday with my brother and sister-in-law and Sweetie had three things that I didn't expect: lots of treadmills so you didn't have to wait in line, windows (yes. Natural light, in a gym! I didn't think it was possible, either!), and air (you could breath in there and it wasn't stinky!)! I think the eating marathon I have been training for and winning every day since my arrival turned my body into A RUNNING MACHINE when I got on the treadmill (so I better keep up the eating pace)! I was like lightning. I ran 7.18 miles in an hour, and then walked around the gym once in case someone wanted my treadmill (mostly beefy weight-lifting types tossing medicine balls at each other), but no one did so I went back and did another 5k at a more relaxed pace and finished in half an hour. So I did about 10.5 miles. Here's where I pat myself on the back. GO, Kar! 

p.s. The good thing about running on a treadmill is all the information you can obsess about! Distance in miles/km, Miles per hour, calories burned (let's see, how many pieces of pie can I eat when I get off this thing? Ten. At least...)...and when you get bored with that you can watch one of the FIVE television sets with no sound (I watched Martha Stewart make pumpkin ravioli yesterday). Plus, at the gym you may run into someone you know from school! I saw Julie Baumblatt yesterday!   


  1. Heck of a job on the treadmill - great pace! You better slow down, I may not be able to keep up in Paris.

  2. Geez oh pete...10.5 miles? That seems IMPOSSIBLE to me.

    So glad you had a nice gym to go to to watch Martha whip up some holiday goodies. :)

    Keep training and running on that cruise, girlfriend!

  3. Wonder what the gym on the boat is going to be like? Probably overlooking the sky-blue water. I bet there will be some seriously entertaining cross-training opportunities.