Monday, December 29, 2008

Can I Just Do It Now?

Looking at all that we need to do between now and April, I kinda think I just want to get it over with. Hell, I could at least run the half-marathon and walk the rest if need be. Today, I sent in my application for my Passport renewal, called to get my husband's birth certificate reissued (don't know where it went); sent off thousands of dollars to Rotary International; ordered my Eurail Pass for travel between Paris and Belgium; chatted with a friend who I show horses with who is living in Belgium now - try to cross paths when I get there; looked at numerous web sites to help get hubby psyched about being in Paris; ................... read someone else's blog about her training for the Paris Marathon - she swears that the juicer is going to revolutionize her training, hmmmmmmmm, I must check that out.

AND - I just put a PayPal button on our blog so that people can donate using their credit cards, if they want - thanks, Krissie, for that suggestion.

Alright, the Christmas tree must come down, gotta go. Keep posting and commenting, it keeps us happy and running.

1 comment:

  1. I just made a paypal donation to your guys to test it out. :)