Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gift that Keeps Giving

As I sit here watching my kids try to figure out how to move Remy around the Ratatouille game (they got a PlayStation for Christmas) I am reminded that I need to tell you all about the Christmas presents I got this year. As mentioned in a previous post, my in-laws gave my husband and I our plane tickets and hotel reservations for Christmas (do I need to say thank-you, again?) I did hint to them that should I find anything else wrapped and under the Christmas tree, I would be upset- enough is enough, right? I may have even told them that, while I wouldn't give back the plane tickets and posh hotel accommodations, I would be sufficiently upset with them! So, to see a gift bag shoved my way during our frantic unwrapping of presents fury, made me nervous. I carefully removed the tissue paper to find three handsome checks - my in-laws have also been busy helping us raise money for PolioPlus!!! Merry Christmas!!!

So, as I head off the the dentist today, I will be stopping by the post office to mail several thank-you notes, PolioPlus contributor buttons, a batch of checks totaling roughly $2,000.00 - - and I will have to remind myself to also pick up TWO passport applications (let's begin phase two of trip planning.)

It was a great holiday - I even got three pairs of running socks (moisture wicking and everything) with Eiffel Towers on them. [Kari - I'll save a pair for you - we'll include them in our uniform!]

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  1. Your in-laws are good people!

    It is fun to be interested in and supportive of friend's and family member's passions(especially when that "passion" supports a good cause!). This is what gives one's life a little zing! Good job, Laura and Kari for making life more interesting!