Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dress Like an Onion

Now I should tell you what got me in the gym in the first place. It all started on December 25. I looked out the window in the living room and saw the temperature, which was kind of covered up but I could tell it was just below zero (fahrenheit). Brr. But in my mom's house it's nice and warm so I decided I would just have to brave the cold, even if I only made it around the block, because we were going up to my brother, Lee's house, and his mother-in-law cooks up a storm (which I was planning on being in the eye of). So I put on: warm socks, running tights, wind pants, under armor t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, jacket, Sweetie's hat (left mine at home! How could I?!), mittens, and good luck gator. The trick of course was staying on top of my feet and not slipping as some sidewalks around here are better groomed than others (no names, but the lady on the corner with the big white house that only clears one shovel-width of snow instead of the whole sidewalk, so you have to practically run sideways to get to the corner comes to mind), but other than that I made it around the block, brought the paper in for Mummy and checked the temperature again. This time, when I leaned in more I saw that it was actually 5 degrees ABOVE zero. 

So I went back out and did another 40 minutes and it wasn't bad at all. I kind of loved it. I had eyelash-cicles, which I hadn't had in a while and the trees were snow covered and it was Christmas and I was in the euphoric I love Racine zone. Then sometime along Washington avenue I realized that my thighs were cold. Not my knees, not my shins. My thighs. When I got home they were really cold. And really itchy. and red. and the skin was kind of swollen. Not good. I took a shower, which helped, but the experience was unpleasant and to be avoided. So that's why I went to the gym yesterday. Ran in shorts there. No frozen thigh. 

Then last night I went to TJMAXX (God Bless America!) and bought a pair of those silky-like long johns. The layer I was missing the other day. I have them on now. So that's the key for winter outside running--as they say in Italy-- you have to dress like an onion. I'll let you know how it goes but I'm feeling confident. 

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