Saturday, December 27, 2008

That would have been a good bike ride...geesh

"That would have been a good bike ride..geesh" is what hubby said when I explained to him in detail the route that I ran today. He is right, of course. As a matter of fact, as I was running today, I realized that it was last year when a friend of mine asked me to help get him in shape for his Army Reserves physical test. He needed to be able to run 2 miles in 18 minutes. Unfortunately for him, every time I ran with him, his knees just buckled with pain. He assured me that when faced with the test, he would be able to run the two miles, but to get him into cardio-shape, he and I agreed that biking would help. Our first ( and only) outing was the exact same route that I ran today. Now, he had a hard time from about mile 4.5 to the end. At that point, I was in good shape and enjoyed the fact that I was showing up an Army Reserve guy. Two weeks later, he passed his running test, with time to spare. I like to think it was because of my exceptional guidance, but I know better.

My nine-mile run today was fantastic. I didn't light the pavement on fire, but I admit that I was concerned from the beginning that I would not be able to finish. I was careful to start off at a very reasonable pace. My nike/ipod kept me company as the gentle voice kept speaking to me ('you have just completed one mile.....your pace is 9:35 minutes....halfway point...). If ever I have felt like Forest Gump, it was today. I just kept running and running. Now, a week ago was an absolute BLIZZARD in my neck of the woods. Today, it reached 60 degrees so I was so happy to be outside and off the treadmill.

My powersong today: Kari's phone call at 7.5 miles. I wonder what you must think of me, knowing that I run with my cell phone. I do it for two reasons: (1) I want to be available if my kids have an emergency (2) I am still a bit weirded out about my hive/allergic reaction a few weeks ago. I saw WISCONSIN on my phone and knew that it had to be my training partner - subconsciously sensing that I needed her voice to carry me over the wall... "hello?" I said. She immediately said "ARE YOU RUNNING?" - ummmmmmm "yes" (I know, I know - psycho!!!) BUT, I am now adding a #3 to the list of why I carry my cell phone with me - - - (3) so that my training partner, who usually resides in Italy, can call me at a moment's notice to give me the inspirational 'YOU ROCK GIRL' in my ear instead of some unnamed ipod voice .... YEAH!!!!!

SO, it would have been a good bike ride - RIGHT? but it was an even better RUN!!! NINE 'EFFIN MILES WORTH of a great run (my longest to date.)

alright - so this may be the most disjointed post I have written so far, but I have to at least mention that my husband and I went out to Canandaigua last night (45 minute drive) just to see a friend of mine who was in town from DC. I admit that it was a long way to go to re-kindle a friendship with someone that I have seen twice in the past 10 years (both times have been in the past three months) - I'd do it again in a heartbeat - always good times when Lee's in the house! BUT, the coolest part was that we ran into another friend who I haven't seen in, gosh...., 18 years. He has become my new inspiration - (Paul, if you are reading this, don't freak out. It's not like I am obsessed with the fact that you completed the IRONMAN competition in Lake Placid this past year. It just helped put things into perspective for me.) He swam something like 2.5 miles, biked something like 120 miles, and ran a marathon in about 13 hours! I just can't imagine doing that - who DOES that?????? I mean, I'm met with the strangest looks when people discover that I am training for a marathon - who does THAT? So, not that he should eclipse the sense of accomplishment Kari and I are going to feel when we complete this marathon - but that is an amazing accomplishment! I am inspired by the fact that someone can do the Ironman - BRAVO!!! (now, let me continue bragging about my stinking 9-miles, OK?)

Fine - that's all you get for now. I must post about how great it has been to talk to Kari on the phone now that she's state-side for the holidays - that will be next.

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  1. Wow-I get tired reading about your training...Great Post!