Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Road to Paris Polo

I went to a Rotary meeting last Thursday at a great wine-producing place near Cormons called Villa Luisa di Corona (it's actually in Romans d'Isonzo). I will put up a link tomorrow so that you can look for for their wines (may I suggest the Refosco or the Cabernet Sauvignon?). The best part of the evening, besides the excellent wine, great company and amazing food catered by Hotel Felcaro, which is owned by the family of a Rotarian who sat right next to me (Chestnut pie, people, with chestnut ice cream!! Love that guy!), was the part of the meeting where the president called me up and presented me (us, actually, since he mentioned Laura) with a box of 50 really nice Polos that we can sell for 30 euros each and give the proceeds to PolioPlus.

Wasn't that nice of them? Our very own ROAD TO PARIS POLO!!!

If anyone is interested in buying one, let us know. I will bring a few to the States when I go at the end of the month.


  1. P.s. Don't I look angelic in this photo??!!

  2. alright - I want a polo shirt. AND, I can't wait to talk when you are stateside. I am pumped to chat.

  3. I am impressed at the generosity. I don't know if we can hit $20,000, but we can certainly say that we are trying.

  4. Send...cheese...from...Rotary...dinner...STAT!