Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can we NOT plan fun things during this challenge?

This whole challenge thing would be MUCH easier if people didn't get married during them or plan really fun things to do that involve eating during the period of time we have set aside to be GOOD!

I've been trying to put more miles on, as my dailymile log shamelessly boasts, which was good for taking off 4 kilos. I put a couple back on over the weekend, but am working on that, too. I thought cutting out booze alone would be good for some automatic weight loss, but sadly, that is not the case.

What it has done, however, is make for some amazingly lucid mornings, and that is a good thing.

This morning I did all my errands by running. I was really happy that the dentist was not grossed out when I put my microfiber towel under my head so as to not get his fancy dentist chair all sweaty... He actually said I was BRAVA just for running.

That made me feel pretty good. I will write more later. Am on my way out the door!!! See you after lunch.

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  1. Stay strong Sista. This is a test from Atalanta. The important thing to note is that the scale is tipping in the right direction. WOOT!