Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week One - JKL challenge LIVESTRONG

Some of my friends and I are planning on heading to Europe in July to catch some of the Tour de France when it departs Holland and heads through Belgium on its way to France. I know it is early to start writing about it, but my friend, Beckster, and I are really starting to get excited about it. (Kari- you going to come up and join us in Liege for a few days? )  Beck has found some tools on the Livestrong website to help get her on track for our trip. She and I are cycling junkies - truly need intervention in the month of July - and can't wait to watch the tour through the flat stages in the summer. Maybe I'll take a look at Lance's tips for healthy living - both Beck and I want to be strong for our trip. I think she is secretly joining our JKL challenge.

I was so happy to hop on the scale and find myself down three lbs - YAY me! Those south beach breakfast bars and yummy lunch salads paid off. Too bad that I stepped back on a few days later to find myself right back where I started! BOOO me! Well, the long and the short of it is that I fell 5 miles short of my weekly goal (not killing myself about this, though.) I practiced serious control yesterday at the famly Oktoberfest - only had one beer (but made it a good one, of course.) I wish I could have stayed away from those RiceCrispie treats, though. All-in-all, not a bad first week.

I need to start looking for some half marathons in the area - MUST FIND A GOAL to keep me living strong!


  1. Good job! I had lost 2 kilos as of yesterday and they came back as of today. Hmmm. But I had a 10 course wedding meal on saturday, a giant pizza yesterday. Today I made the weekly pot of soup. Getting back down to business! Will update asap. Proud of you partner! I think I can swing a visit to Belgium in July...

  2. Go, Laura! It's hard to fit the running in with kids and work - life can get in the way. But you and Kari are doing an awesome job. Live strong!

  3. You go girl! I am yet to step on a scale (hate em') but my clothes are starting to fit better!

    So ummm, where's my Belgium invitation? :(