Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wafels and Dinges - (dinde!)

Well, folks. I am just having a crappy week. I am under water at work, and I just hate the feeling. There were two highlights of my weekend, though, AND I JUST HAVE TO SHARE....

1)  ran the 5k turkey trot in my home town yesterday.  I wish I could say that I won, but I didn't. Here's the scoop:  I was eyeing my competition and felt fairly confident in being the 1st female finisher until HER MAJESTY the skinny-beautiful-under 17-running tights wearing-perkey girl showed up. (Damn, kiss my turkey prize goodbye!)  I really can't blame her, though. She ran well. She finished in just over 23 minutes (putting my second place 26 minutes to shame.)  In the end, though, I felt great and I was happy to finish in such a great time, considering the hilly nature of the course. (you are going to have to take my word on this one)

2) spent the entire afternoon and most of this morning working on lesson plans for the Russian Revolution (can you say slow, painful death - not unlike Mr. Rasputin who was poisoned, shot, clubbed, and shot again before he actually ended up drowning) But I digress.....finally just took a moment to search the web for anything mindless and enjoyable. I stumbled upon this blog that made me think of my year in Liege (with my BFF Kari.) Reading it brought a smile to my face and a smell to my nostrils that is undeniable.  Those of you in the NYC area MUST MUST MUST search this cart out and have a few for me....... mmmmmm.

Now, if only they would drive up here and park outside my house, my week would be much better.

Gotta run- and that's the truth!

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